Title Total views Rec. by Featured?
Using D2L features to build video-based assignments with Discovery 1,648 11
How to Differentiate in D2L, pt. 1 of 3: Assigning differentiated content based on assessment results 793 9
How to D2L, pt. 1 of 10: Simplifying the user experience with a better front page 744 10
How to D2L, pt. 8 of 10: Linking to and using Google Docs from the platform 741 10
How to D2L, pt. 2 of 10: Rationale for a front page in blog-style, plus checklists for student work 674 7
Personalized Learning Paths with Compass 605 6
How to D2L, pt. 9 of 10: Creating and linking to a dropbox for assignments (from a Google docs base) 602 10
How to Differentiate in D2L, pt. 3 of 3: Releasing content tailored specifically to groups of students 587 6
How to D2L, pt. 5 of 10: Embedding Google Forms into your pages 582 11
How to D2L, pt. 3 of 10: Adjusting font style and type to ease navigation on your home page 570 11


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