Our Advisory Circle

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We're currently building out a team of advisors to inform the development of the YouPD community.  While we benefit from the institutional backing and knowledge of New Visions for Public Schools, our goal is to foster an open, cross-organizational ecosystem that strengthens existing teacher-led professional communities and spurs innovation.  Please contact us if you are a committed educator and/or technologist interested in taking a leadership role in rethinking professional learning and shaping the development of this community.

Founders and Builders

Andrew Stillman
Co-Founder, Lead Developer

Andrew Stillman joined New Visions for Public Schools in 2011. Building and managing YouPD.org is organic to Andrew's direct role providing instructional design, technology support, project management, planning services, and execution support for implementing blended learning strategies (online and in class curriculum) across multiple NYC high schools. Andrew worked through high school and college as an outdoor educator and then for 10 years as a Physics, Biology, Math, and Engineering educator in the NYC Public Schools, where he most recently served for three years as the founding Assistant Principal of the Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science & Engineering. Andrew earned his B.S. with honors in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Oregon and his M.A. in Secondary Science Education from The City College of New York.

Andrew is an avid proponent of the Modeling Approach to science instruction and has found his most meaningful professional learning through participation in inquiry-based action research and teacher-led professional development communities. Andrew has been tinkering with using open source tools and unconference formats to enrich teacher professional learning since 2006.  He learned enough web development to get himself in trouble by participating in open-source communities during his spare time.

Hsing Wei
YouPD Co-Founder, Lead Designer

Hsing leads New Visions' R&D efforts to design, develop, pilot and diffuse innovative digital tools and partnership projects like YouPD.  She is guiding the development of EDesign, a collaborative R&D lab of individuals and institutions, that aims to draw multiple disciplines into problem-solving for education and spur new ways of thinking about and creating solutions.  Her experiences span from digital games and interactive user experience design, to venture philanthropy, product development and strategy consulting for a range of nonprofit and Fortune 500 companies. Hsing studied at MIT, holds a B.S. from the University of Pennsylvania and a M.A. from Harvard University.

Individuals currently contributing to our R+D process

Kami Lewis Levin
Social Studies and Literacy Instructional Specialist, R+D Team Member

Kamie Lewis Levis joined New Visions in 2011 to develop a social studies curriculum and lesson plans aligned with the Common Core standards for both charter and PSO schools. She began her career in education in New York City, teaching social studies, English and advisory at Satellite Academy High School, a second chance school for at-risk teens who are unsuccessful in large, comprehensive schools. From there, she went on to work as a mentor for new teacher induction for the NYCDOE and as a literacy coach with the New York City Writing Project. Most recently, Levin worked for the Cambridge Public Schools as their district-wide social studies coach where she facilitated professional development, coached teachers one on one and designed social studies curriculum.

William Gioia
Math and Literacy Instructional Specialist, R+D Team Member

Billy has worked thirteen years in Education: eight years as a classroom teacher from grades 2 - 8, one year as a high school Assistant Principal, and four years as an instructional coach/mentor. Billy currently serves an instructional specialist for the NYC Department of Education, where he sees five schools on a weekly basis but is always looking for ways to expand his reach and deepen his work with teachers. He believes that if Facebook and Twitter can topple totalitarian governments in the Middle East, then a social networking platform should be able to help us with the problems in education. Billy believes that the answers aren't going to come from centralized institutions, but instead they are going to come from people genuinely invested in providing excellent education to kids.

Russell West Jr.
Math Instructional Specialist, R+D Team Member

Russell West Jr joined New Visions in 2011. He is responsible for further developing the math curriculum while helping teachers in both charter and PSO schools create lesson plans aligned to the Common Core standards. He came to New Visions after serving three years as the Director of the Humanities College Preparatory, a small learning community at Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York. At Hillcrest since 2004, West Jr taught Mathematics 9-12, English, Humanities and College Composition. West is an alumnus of both the New York Teaching Fellows and the New Visions/Baruch College SAM program. He holds degress in History, English, Law, Mathematics and Educational Leadership.

David Wees
Math Educator, Teacher-Leader, and Coder-Autodidact

David is currently the learning specialist for technology at Stratford Hall in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has worked as a mathematics and science teacher in NYC, London, and Bangkok. He is the co-author of a textbook designed for the International Baccalaureate program. David has his Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), Bachelor of Education (Secondary Mathematics), and Master of Educational Technology, all from the University of British Columbia.

David has been published in the Bangkok Post, Dialogue Online, Educational Technology Solutions, Leading and Learning, Software Developer’s Journal, and Edutopia. He has also been consulted for stories in the Globe and Mail, the CBC, the Vancouver Sun, and the Tyee. He has been a guest on CBC’s On the Coast and CKNW’s the Bill Good show. He has presented on such topics of Interactivity & Multimedia in Mathematics, Computer Based Math, Social Media, The Effect of Changing Communication Tools on Education, and other topics related to the use of technology in education. He blogs regularly at http://davidwees.com/discuss and can be found on Twitter at @davidwees.