What do we mean by "Post a hack?"

A hack is a creative solution to a problem that is shared for others to try.   The path to masterful teaching is filled  with problems of practice, and we believe teachers are avid, creative problem solvers (hackers of the classroom).  YouPD is about making our problems and solutions explicit to one another in the name of accelerating and deepening our professional learning.  Whether it's a tool integration, a tip, or an instructional method, it's a hack and other professionals deserve to learn from it!

Simple steps for sharing your hacks: 

1.  Frame it - Clearly identify the problem of educational practice to which you've developed an interesting or effective solution.

2.  Name it - Make your solution explicit with powerful yet approachable language.

3.  Package it - Show others the way to adopt or adapt your solution with a short (2-5 minute) demonstrative screencast or video, along with any links or files helpful to trying it out.  Check out these resources and suggestions for producing a hack.

4.  Share it - Post to YouPD, broadcast to your followers, gain valuable feedback on your practice, and earn cred in a passion-driven network of educational learners, thinkers, collaborators, and creators. 

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