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What's your approach for getting instructional videos behind the firewall?



other options

The fastest option I found for downloading you tube video content is a Firefox add on called download helper. Have you tried that?

Internet Archive is also really helpful, since you can upload batches of files at a time. IA is also not blocked. 

Miro is also helpful for downloading and browsing video. 

YouTube Behind the DOE Firewall: Import Videos to Google Docs and Embed Them in Your Site

Problem of practice

YouTube has some great (and not so great) educational content, but is blocked by NYCDOE filters. What's the workaround?


Google Docs video can be unblocked in the firewall and used to host "safe" video content on your sites. This hack shows how to request an unblock for Google Video, rip YouTube content to an MP4, upload to Google Docs, and embed in Sites!

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