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I've shown a variety of screencasting software options here, starting with the cadillac - Camtasia Studio - which is what Khan uses himself, and what I use for all of my screencasts.  If you are serious about adopting screencasting into your repertoire, just bite the bullet and pay the $170 for Camtasia.  At the very least, try the 30-day free trial.

The free or cheap options have fewer features, notably the lack of editing tools, but are worth playing around with.

Note that Smart Recorder is part of the Smart Notebook software that is free with any Smartboard.  Because almost all schools now have Smartboards, this would be the most available, highest value option for teachers on a tight budget, in my opinion.  It's also extremely easy to use.


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Though a well-educated man and a talented 'splainer, Khan is not a pedagogue by training. Can teachers do even better? See our early efforts at crowdsourcing quality video at <a href="" target="newpage"></a>


Yes We Khan! Teachers take back the screencast

Problem of practice

How can you produce instructional videos like Sal Khan?


This video introduces the basic tools you need to create screencasts in a technique identical to Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy and author of thousands of screencasts on a variety of topics.

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