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Looking for feedback from the YouPD community on how to improve this idea

Push my thinking

This is a rather clunky way of accomplishing this, with potential problems with the IMPORTRANGE formula. Is there perhaps a more straight forward way to script this? Can this be 'packaged' for more easier sharing out?



Interesting approach


Thanks for posting this!  Here's a similar system built with the formMule script, which doubles as a formEmailer and allows for the teacher email to be looked up automatically using the VLOOKUP function.

I don't typically provide the teacher a running record of their observations other than what we put in the body of the email, though I've recently added the docAppender script, which would allow you to submit the form in a way that appends a different Google Document depending upon the teacher being observed, and would accomplish something similar to your approach.

You are right that the number of tabs would quickly overwhelm an admin in a larger school, which is why we generally just keep it to the email.



Rob Reynolds

Interesting approach

I'll have to take a look at the DocAppender and see if that might be a cleaner way to create an independent archive for each teacher without the multiple tabs and importRange function.  Thanks

Rob Reynolds

Video Link

Not sure video uploaded correctly, so here is link to Youtube copy

Walk-thru Teacher observation Form with individual shared spreadsheet

Problem of practice

Managing teacher observations while keeping individual information private.


Using spreadsheet formulas for IMPORTRANGE from a master data spreadsheet, create individually shared spreadsheets for each teacher that are populated with filtered data from the master set of all teacher observations.

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