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Push my thinking

Can you host live chat rooms during a defined out of class period to answer questions about a video while students are watching it?



Very helpful, and some possible directions to take this...

Given that all iLearn courses have the ability to include Discovery Education in their content selection, this screencast really ought to be widely circulated to teachers.  The format you presented is a great starter "template" for a way of incorporating video content, generally, in a "flipped" model, and demonstrates a nice range of D2L site functionality with enough detail that someone can easily follow.   If I were using this in the classroom, I'd want to know how I can quickly use the quiz results to make decisions about how to use class-time in a way that meets individual needs of students.

I like your "push my thinking" question.  The evening office hours idea is fantastic.  I'd want to survey what % of my kids had home connectivity and build a workaround (or advocate to get affordable connectivity) for those without.  Perhaps a home connectivity and tech competency survey (ungraded quiz) should be something each blended teacher builds into their course, to be taken by students at the beginning of a blended course, with schools working with families and DOE to get connectivity to those without.  Can this quiz be something we make available in the LOR?

Comcast just rolled out $10/mo internet for families that qualify for free lunch.  HUGE!  What can we do to get families on this to give the blended model a boost in urban classrooms.

Using D2L features to build video-based assignments with Discovery

Problem of practice

OK, your school has a ton of licenses to access Discovery and D2L. How do you know where to get started? Even better, how can you use video content to supplement your classroom instruction in an intentional way? You might use the format below to create a weekly out-of-class structure that relies on video, discussions, and quizzes to reinforce instruction and check for understanding.


Build weekly videos into your D2L platform that contain 4 items (1) Video (2) Online Discussions (3) Powerpoint highlighting key concepts (4) Short quiz for assessment. Item 1 will come from Discovery or another video, 2-4 can be created within D2L

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