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Push my thinking

What if students could make their graphic novels interactive? What if they could share and publish digital versions of their work where parts of their graphic novels were linked to audio and/or video files that they created to enhance their stories?




I used to teach high school aged ELLs too! These days I design video games, so of course I love to see the intersection of technology and English language learning.  This is such a great example! Good luck with your "what if" section!


Very impressive

I love the idea of embedding projects within projects. This would also be a great way for students to make interdisciplinary links so that they could link a thematic idea in English class to something they may be doing in Math class. Excellent video demonstrating your idea. What a great representation of the projects that you have already done.  You are my tech guru Dara!




iBooks Would Be Great!


Access through iBooks would be great!  Let me know if you are able to PDF the books.  I'm excited!



An incredible project

Your video presentation only begins to highlight the amazing work that you and your students did with this project.  The technology allows students to see their potential in a whole new light.  The "What if" section is thoughtful and entirely doable.


Survivors Stories Graphic Novels


Great Work!!  I look forward to seeing the results of this collaboration.

I really hope you get chosen to participate.



Ways to collaborate

I am extremely impressed with your project!  I am wondering if the graphic novels your students have created in the past are accessible to others- my struggling readers are often really engaged with graphic novels, and I would love for them to actually read some of your students' stories.  If (hopefully, when!) students make their stories interactive, I think that would be another great tool for educators of younger students who struggle with reading!  What an amazing investment tool/collaboration that could be- for your students to know their graphic novels/stories were helping other students learn, and for my students to be exposed to engaging lower level "text."



Wow! I never thought about the graphic novels that way! I can definitely put together a (non-interactive) set as a .pdf file for you to download into iBooks. We have to get together and collaborate across classrooms. Also did you see that they just came out with comic life as an ipad app?

Forward thinker

This project takes students deep into the 21st century style of thinking and learning. Their future careers will surely require them to be familiar with the skills Dara advocates in the development of this project. I'd love to see the work that would develop from her collaboration with the designers available in your program. She can take her students forward even further if given the support you offer. I hope you consider her proposal as strong as I do.



You are so right! I think that I am learning more from them all of the time!


I love it!

I am so inspired by the project as you've already done it and as you hope to do it... wow. I am sure your students' stories are fascinating to read (and you probably learn a ton from them, even as the teacher!).

Survivors Stories Graphic Novels

Problem of practice

I teach a very diverse population of English Language Learners (ELLs). How can I incorporate the authentic use of native language and family involvement with projects-based learning in my ELL classroom?


Using "Maus" as inspiration, students interview someone in their own family who has survived a difficult time. They then take their interviews and create their own graphic novels both in English and their Native Language using Comic Life 2.

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