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  • Open up the Teaching Monitoring and Creation Sheet
  • Make a Copy
  • Edit the "Keys" tab w/ your student roster and email addresses
  • Click on the menu tab "Create Spreadsheets" and create sheets for your class
  • Open your docs folder and check to make sure everything is working!
  • Open a student sheet and enter in some data to test the tracker!

Push my thinking

The idea of auto-creating documents and being able to monitor them has many classroom possibilities. What else could this be a solution for?



Outstanding another addon or version?

This is outstanding and takes care of exactly what our issue was, and even creates a folder.  Thanks so much!

I showed this to someone who also had a great google form that the guys at Google NY suggested.  It basically is a form for students to fill out that will act as a type of cover letter or orgainizer for each document a student has.  If each student fills this out and links their doc to it, it will provide the teacher with one spreadsheet listing all students and assignments and then the link to each assignment (doc), which will allow for great indexing and searching/sorting capabilities.  Can this be somehow included in the generator hack?  Perhaps make another version of the hack with this included.  


I've seen it in place, and what is was was a spreadsheet of 100 students with all the assignmetns over the semester, so think of 300 rows, each with student name, assignment name, unit name, and link to the document.  This way, you have full list of all work, without having to go into each folder to find and search for them.  Think of it as a huge table of contents for all student work.  You could then search by student name and see all of that students work for the quarter, search by assignment, unit, etc.  Spreadsheet will allow you to sort by any criteria you want, and each row will have a cell where the url to the doc is so that you click on that and you go right to their document.


Basicly, is ther any way they can be combined, or have the generator include a script that will insert into a designated spreadsheet info similar to what is in the form, and automatically past the url to the document.  I guess we are looking at a script to create an Index Spreadsheet with the student name, period, assignment and URL.


Here is the spreadsheet to take a look at


What do you think?  PS: Sorry if explanation was too long winded.  



Docs Distribution - 2 possible solutions

Hi Chris,

We use a product called Teacher Dashboard ( TD specializes in Google technology and works with Google Apps to  help manage users and services. TD will allow teachers to electronically  "distribute" documents to students within a class, but the students will still have to make his/her own copy. TD allows teachers access to student documents in folders created per class. It's really an amazing tool and worth looking in to. There is a nominal fee/student, so it's not a free solution.

Otherwise, have you tried using templates? When you create a template and students open it, Google automatically makes a copy of the document and makes the student the new owner. The student would then only have to rename the document and share it with the teacher.



Wonderful! Doc distribution also?

Great hack. Can this be done for docs? Not sure how the field entry boxes would work.

Our problem is that we want to find an easy way to make a document and have each student get their own individual editable copy for them to fill in, without having to make a copy of the form for each student and email it separately for each. That would be 100 copies and 100 sharing emails. Is there a script or hack for this already?


Handout Generator

Hi Chris - Maria's right, you can create a handout and then convert it into a template for your students to use (and hapara is very cool if your school buys it).  But, I was thinking that even with templates you have to get your students to share appropriately, rename the title, and then remember to organize the shared files in a collection (otherwise they are quickly lost!).  So, I tweaked this hack and made a generic "Handout Generator" script that works for both spreadsheets and google docs.  Unfortunately it won't work for presentations or drawings yet - it's a "known issue" with Google, so I bet they fix this.  Check it out:




I forwarded your hack to my co-facilitators of our coaching initiative. Your solution begins to answer a huge question we've been struggling with, which is how to scale the program up from a few students per teacher to a full advisory class per teacher.

Great work!

Maria Clausen 






Thanks Maria - glad it starting to answer some questions for you.  Let me know if you guys run into trouble customizing it.  Unfortunately a lot of the forms and headers are "hard-coded" and can take some digging around to modify.


Columns K and K

Hi Evan,

I'm so excited by what you've created. I made a copy of your spreadsheets and set them up for my advisory. I'm thinking about how I could use this with them to have set weekly goals. I'm curious about columns J and K. It sounded like you set things up so that what the teacher types in there gets automatically pushed to the student's spreadsheet. Is that the case? When I type in those columns, my text immediately disappears and does not end up on the students' spreadsheet. It looks like the formula in columns J and K are part of the importrange formula from column D. Is this doing what it's supposed to?





Hi David - Thanks - and thanks for coming up with the core idea, I think there are a bunch of uses in the classroom for this functionality.  Columns J&K just pull in data from the student sheets - they're separated out by a column because they are the "student reflection" cells.  But, I bet we could get a way to be able to write a note to the student from the teacher monitoring sheet.  Kind of a reverse importdatarange - if we modified the student template and added a formula to lookup the teacher sheet and pull in a cell according to their name (maybe vlookup? and importrange?) or their sheet key....I think we got to try this.


Love this!

Super exciting to see us building off one another's work!  This is a fantastic Evan.  Do you have a school or teacher to work with on trying and refining this setup?  This looks to be a very promising prototype that could probably use some testing.  Schools like Olympus Academy doing a full blended model could really use something like this.  Let me know if you want to try to connect with any of our teachers.  

Student Goal Setting Platform

Problem of practice

Learning how to set goals and become accountable for them is critical to college readiness. With a class of 30 students, this can be a daunting task to setup and then monitor.


Using a script stolen from another project and a student template, this platform will allow a teacher to enter in their classroom roster, hit a button and automatically create goal setting sheets for their class and monitor their students' progress!

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