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Hopefully the video covers the main points.  This is a google apps sheet solution for tracking, comparing and sharing data at the indicator-level amongst a grade-level team that has done all the hard-work of creating common assessments and rubrics.   I've included both mutiple-choice and constructed-response examples - so delete what you don't need and duplicate what you need more of. 

If you get stuck: (or comment). 



Multiple choice indicator tracking

Question:  I can see that the long response grades align with specific standards, so if I were a teacher looking to target my interventions with this system I could easily do so.  Awesome!

Wondering if the same standards-level information is tracked for the multiple choice questions.  Knowing a student got 80% then 85% then 75% out of 10 questions on the interims is great, but still isn't giving me longitudinal knowledge at the skills-level.  I see you can put the indicator on the top of each multiple choice question, but I'm not seeing how M.C. indicator data shows up in the "Indicators" tab.  Assuming this was left out for the sake of not over-complicating...

Perhaps you could add another sheet that takes in any student name and for each assessment point performs a LOOKUP on only the multiple choice assessment result for each indicator and returns a 1 or 0 which then gives conditional format to a cell in that row.





Wow! This is a really thoughtful solution

An elegant solution that is well-grounded in the interim assessment work of real schools!  Thanks for sharing.  Would love to hook this up with the per-user servlet that I've been working on (you mentioned it at the end) for Google Sites.  

Simple shared assessment tracker

Problem of practice

There isn't a shortage of assessment & gradebook tools/platforms these days & too often the enterprise systems are complex and too intimidating for teachers to adopt on their own (they also cost money!).


This is an attempt to create a simple tool that a team of teachers could use to track indicator-level data on shared assessments. It's low-stakes, hopefully approachable and can be customized to fit the team's needs.

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