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I think you'll find all the resources you need in the video. I'm sure if you are more familiar with code, you should be able to tailor something very fine for your school!



Thanks for posting this!

This is about as much fun to watch in video as it was live.  I love that you presented Zoho database creator at Google!  Very funny. (for others, watch the first 20 seconds as Curtis furtively glances up at the Google Engineers on the side of the room...this was presented live at our Feb 2 Blender @ Google NYC)  Indeed I am very hopeful they will soon be updating the Forms product to allow for more database-like functionality.  If not, they've clearly got competition ready to handle this.

Seriously though, this is an extremely smart and practical solution that schools would be crazy not to adopt.  I love that you have found a way to empower your kids with loan technology for class projects while not breaking the bank.  Totally awesome system.  

School Equipment Loan System

Problem of practice

We have quite a few student projects underway throughout the year, and many of them require the use of equipment for overnight and outside the building use. As we've grown, this has been increasingly difficult to maintain with accuracy, and also establish accountability to the safe return of these items. We also wanted to involve parental permission for these loans in case there was loss or breakage.


I knew that what we needed was a database, and a relational database, but I had no experience with these tools. Fortunately, I found a tool created by Zoho — "Zoho Creator" that allows the determined novice to build a wonderful tool for this purpose!

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