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Given I was also teaching a challenge-based Engineering course to the same students at the same time, I was willing to try a skills-only emphasis of the math sequence, though I'm ultimately not comfortable this method teaches true numeracy and algebraic thinking. What alternatives have you found to be effective that are also able to differentiate pacing, track mastery, and not result in a system that is stacked in favor of kids with lots of prior knowledge?



This is really well thought

This is really well thought out.

Personalized Mastery / Outcomes Grading Using a Shared Google Spreadsheet

Problem of practice

When most online gradebooks are due-date dependent, it is difficult to track and help kids understand their progress and feel motivated to take next steps in a gains-based or outcomes-based grading system.


We tried a lesson-by-lesson, pre-learning diagnostic and question bank tool to determine mastery and assign self-teaching tasks or cluster group mini-lessons, with practice-set generating question bank and Google Spreadsheet as visualization tool.

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