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This hack was recorded live at GoogleNYC at the Sept 6, 2012 Back to School Apps Script Demo Jam and Celebration

Push my thinking

How do we move teachers to submit their lesson plans by form? How much can we standardize recommendations, while still providing specific, individualized feedback? How much will teachers internalize feedback that they only receive through email?


iObserve: A Teacher Professional Growth and Observation System Prototype

Problem of practice

Teacher professional goals are not compiled, making it difficult to keep teachers accountable to goals, and to make comparisons across the school. Teacher lesson plans are not standardized or compiled, hard to make comparisons of lessons and instructional strategies. Long lag between observation and teacher receiving a report. Retyping of lesson data. Setting up post-observation conference appointments with teachers. Observation writing is the most laborious part of the principal's position.


A simpler way to develop, store, and compare goals and performance of teachers and teacher lesson plans. A standardized template for professional goals and teacher lesson plans. Goals and lesson plan data push to Observation Report, which can then be edited to provide immediate feedback to teachers.

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