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This is great!

Thank you for sharing this.  I will be taking your materials, adapting them for my students with disabilities and making this a blended module on the ilearn NYC platform.


Love it!

This a great showcase of how the LDC planning approach fortifies core, higher-order, reading and writing skills across a unit.  Bravo!


This is an all inclusive

This is an all inclusive package!  All worksheets, lesson guides, reading materials, and writing materials are included.  Good luck!

The Industrial Revolution LDC Module - Combining Historical content, Regents material, and the Common Core Standards!

Problem of practice

How do I ensure student mastery of the NY State Regents standards in social studies while also ensuring development of the Common Core Literacy Standards?


By using the Literacy By Design Unit template I created an indepth module on the British Industrial Revolution. All materials needed are attached!

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