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The video was a little glossy in describing the final workflow for ensuring that the unit in the "copycat" course gets updated when the "master" course is updated, so here it is in writing:

1)  Publish the unit to the school's LOR with the exact structure you anticipate using in all future updates.

2) Go into the "Copycat" course and import the unit from the LOR as "Dynamically Linked" content.  Use the advanced search options to drill down to the school LOR to find the LOR's copy of the unit.

3) Whenever you are done with updates on the unit, provided you have not changed the structure, you must "Overwrite the LOR object" by re-publishing the unit and choosing "Overwrite existing object" and doing an advanced search in the school's LOR and over-writing the unit in the LOR.

4) Check the "Copycat" course to ensure that the dynamic links now point to the updated content in the LOR.

Note that simply updating the unit in the "Master" course does not update it in the "copycat" course unless you overwrite the unit in the LOR.


How to create dynamically-dependent course content using Desire2Learn's Learning Object Repository...

Problem of practice

We needed a way to exactly replicate a teacher-created unit in another course. Because the unit was still a work in progress, we needed the copy of the unit in the other course to automatically update to the latest version.


We discovered that the LOR allows for updating (over-writing) of objects provided they have the same structure, and that other courses can then import LOR objects as sets of "Dynamic Links" so they always point to the latest LOR version of the course

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