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I am happy to email all of my portfolio word documents that include facilitators' guides, project checklist, invite letter, student reflection, project description scaffolding, etc. to anyone interested!  These resources can be adapted after implementing your own portfolio projects/content questions.

Push my thinking

How can I quantitatively track growth from performance based assessments completed with a digital portfolio in way that can inform instruction?



Your work is so important!

I am so inspired! I love the work that you are doing in your classroom. You are using technology to inspire students, to give them choices, access and motivation. Keep up the good work!

The Future of Differentiation: Digital Portfolios, iPads, and Special Needs Students

Problem of practice

Many special education students I teach struggle with reading because they have language based disabilities. A combination of factors cause them to disengage and give up when they struggle with reading. Their struggles are further amplified by consistent low test scores that attempt to show reading achievement, but often neglect to show reading improvement. As a result, struggling readers end up discouraged.


Using iPads to create digital portfolios allows students a platform to creatively demonstrate their learning through performance assessments, while giving teachers a tool to uniquely track student student growth and progress of IEP goals.

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