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This presentation was recorded live at GoogleNYC at the Sept 6 YouPD Demo Jam.


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Who does the work at the other schools who do these things? E.g. Attendance, ATS, updating master lists, knowledge of Google Scripts generally. Other necessary staff elements? What happens when internet/system goes down? Other major school-wide systems? Suggestions on how to tighten or improve the model? General suggestions to ensure success of this dynamic change?

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More details, please

We have a CIC in place and are now working on the attendance system. I understand how to push attendance outreach logs and dump data daily from the RDAL, but then I get lost. How do I set daily triggers on clock time?




Conduct - Intervention - Communication Tracker System Prototype

Problem of practice

Our school is part of the NYC Innovation Zone 360 program, and one parameter developed last spring was to have a caring adult advocate for each student at EBA. We also want to improve school attendance (currently 80%) through improved home-school communication. Lastly, we need a system to support this and other ongoing efforts around innovation.


Using a Google Scripts system, we're going to track Attendance, Behavior, Outreach- Parent & Advisory. Long-term we'd like to include more about academics, track attendance at parent-teacher conferences, and automate school systems and procedures: Ex. Meeting minutes, scanning, suspension info, coverage schedule, per session, etc.

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