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Self-directed learning by conditional release

Great use of the conditional release feature based on a quiz response to provide self-directed learning content.  This is a great choice and allows the students the ability to select portions of content that they want to learn while hiding the rest.


Great use of conditional release

You're method of using conditional release to get to specific course sections solved a problem for me. I was trying to figure out how I could use responses to a multiple choice question to release content to students based on interest/learning style/intelligence profile (without creating groups.). I am going to use your method as a means to provide students with different learning pathways/entry points at the start of a lesson or learning module. Thanks for sharing.


Great storyline!

I really appreciate the way you narrate the rationale for your many careful choices in the blended environment.  Thanks for sharing this.  Very helpful to see both the technical and pedagogical tricks of the trade you offer. 

Building Original Content in D2L

Problem of practice

1.Vendor curriculum does not fully meet the needs of my students. 2.Integrating teaching methods and activities that worked in the past into the D2L platform


Designing a original content that reflects the skill and content that you plan to focus on. This allows for more differentiation and customization.

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