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Love it. Check out Hackasaurus as an add on...

I love your thoughtful presentation here, and greatly appreciate your choice of theme.  Two things:

1) I taught Science on the Grand Street Campus for three years.  High five.

2) Our Hackasaurus Challenge might open a door that allows for you to explore hypertext and the underlying code of the web.  Looks like your toolkit for digital portfolios still largely promulgates a passive kind of web experience from the standpoint of actually grasping the technologies that make the web, much as it's still awesome.  Perhaps this level of digital authorship is out of place in a stock ELA course, but the NWP seems to embrace it, and you no doubt have the orientation for it.  Might be worth adding to your sequence.

Looking forward to hearing more from you!  Great stuff.

Maria Krajewski

Yes, you are totally right.

Yes, you are totally right. Getting kids to understand coding is important to their understanding of our digital world. Also it's like learning a new language so it's great for their brains. Some of my students already know CSS and HTML and I would like to increase that number. I could definitely incorporate it into my digital media art classes. 

Thanks for the support and the add on!

Be an Expert BEFORE You Speak

Problem of practice

How do we engage students while preparing for ELA Regents and addressing CCLS?The academic problem is that students have a difficult time making arguments based on research and facts--they rely on opinion and passion. There is a broad behavioral and societal problem of being a slave to digital media by constantly checking our phones, email, Facebook, and Twitter. We are not as present in actual interactions because we are distracted and absorbed in an addictive cyber world.


Teach students how to analyze non-fiction, write argumentative essays based on research and facts, and use technology to create content to join the online conversation and community.

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