Wacom tablet

Problem: How can you produce instructional videos like Sal Khan?
Abstract: This video introduces the basic tools you need to create screencasts in a technique identical to Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy and author of thousands of screencasts on a variety of topics.
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Problem: Authoring equations in digital documents, especially in web-based environments, is notoriously painful and slow...
Abstract: With a Bamboo tablet, Windows 7 Math Input Panel, and MathType you can hand write all your equations directly into typeset, insert then in Word, and use your clipboard to copy them into Google Docs and most HTML editors.
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Problem: How do you use a Wacom Pen Tablet, the same kind used by Sal Khan in his Khan Academy videos?
Abstract: This is just a simple tutorial video I ripped off and shortened from the software that comes with a Wacom Bamboo Pen. The tutorial was entirely created by Wacom and I'm just making it available in case you need a dive into how the device works.
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