Problem: How do you use Jing to capture video of a screen presentation?
Abstract: Screencasting is a fantastic way to flip direct instruction portion of teaching into the online space, giving students more control over the pace and number of repetitions of a teacher's lesson, and freeing classtime for more interactive methods.
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Problem: The hack addresses 2 problems of prac; I wanted a quick & easy way to make instructional videos & I wanted a way to provide audio support to learning activities, (interpreting graphs, charts & maps or analyzing primary & secondary sources, etc) for my students with disabilities. I needed a way to do this without using time intensive video editing software like Adobe Premiere. (also addresses prob of prac in SpEd, ie, tap into visual & verbal memory to improve retention and use UDL principles.
Abstract: I create presentations in power point and/or place learning activities in presentations and I use a screen capture tool (jing/snagit) to record my voice over the slide shows. I upload to vimeo, then copy and paste the embed code into iLearn platform
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