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Problem: How can accountability for student make-up work be increased with the use of technology?
Abstract: In my first and second year of teaching I had yet to solidify a make-up work policy and spending a lot of time making copies for students who were behind. As our school acquired more laptops and my grade went one to one, it occurred to me that build
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Problem: How can Google Apps allow a teacher to pull together their resources in one place while increasing student engagement?
Abstract: By uploading and embedding class Powerpoints, using class calendars, organizing key links and unit resources, and adding a Twitter feed, I use Google Sites as a flexible, central portal to link to an array of the online activities I use.
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Problem: How do you structure a blended course that can be followed by groups of students in two school locations?
Abstract: Amanda, one of my students, talks about how students use the course website I maintain for my blended AP course. A unique feature of this course is that it is enrolled with students at two different schools (the iSchool and EBA) and class-time share
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Problem: How can you quickly get to know the range of options available in Google Sites so you can get started building a course home page?
Abstract: This screencast shows how to use a site template to quickly get up and running and tours through all the main content types used in setting up a class website in Google Sites.
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Problem: How can you import content from a Google Site into the NYCDOE's Desire 2 Learn platform?
Abstract: Though imperfect, there's an open source tool called Google Sites Liberation that will export all the HTML content and files from a Google Site into a hierarchical web folder. Zip this folder, upload it to course files, and push it out as content!
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Problem: How can schools increase transparency of practice, communicate expectations and supports more clearly with students and parents, and encourage common language across all courses?
Abstract: Google Sites can be used to create a common course site template and disseminate one copy per course in the school, tied to a course directory in your main school website. This video focuses on demonstrating how to use ACTVF's course site template.
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Problem: YouTube has some great (and not so great) educational content, but is blocked by NYCDOE filters. What's the workaround?
Abstract: Google Docs video can be unblocked in the firewall and used to host "safe" video content on your sites. This hack shows how to request an unblock for Google Video, rip YouTube content to an MP4, upload to Google Docs, and embed in Sites!
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Problem: Many schools are rife with inefficient operational processes, poor internal communications systems, and relative data-blindness. These persistent issues prevent many otherwise talented teams from truly taking flight. How can school-level staff create clean, cheap, and easy-to-use data capture, reporting, and operations systems that are flexible enough to evolve with the dynamic needs of an innovative school?
Abstract: This introductory module provides what you need to start building the modular and lightweight data system of your dreams. The first installment is a "Lateness Zapper" that automates logging, communications, and reporting on student lateness.
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Problem: Visualizations of student progress are notoriously poor in many online learning platforms. How do you provide students and parents with real-time, online progress charts if you are using Google spreadsheets to calculate your grades?
Abstract: This hack shows how to install a Google Apps Script in your Google Site to look up the grades of the currently logged-in student or parent and generate a live bar of progress from your Google spreadsheet!
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Problem: Adding the same event to multiple calendars can be time-consuming. This script attempts to address this issue.
Abstract: You can embed this script as a gadget into your Google Site, and then use it to create the same event on multiple Google calendars at the same time. See the link below this video to copy and paste the script.
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