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Problem: How can you quickly automate targeted emails and calendar appointments to loop in the right people around regular occurrances like behavior incidents, absences at attendance at after-school tutoring, etc.?
Abstract: The formMule (aka "The Mule") is a Google Apps script that is useful for automating lookups, emails and calendar events created dynamically from Google Forms.
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Problem: How can overburdened school administrators manage their workflow to enable short mini-observations aligned to a teacher effectiveness framework like Danielson without getting locked into expensive, proprietary software?
Abstract: This well thought-out template, created by a collaboration between a highly successful NYCDOE principal and an Apps Script developer, makes data entry a snap, helps administrators prioritize observations, and supports communications with teachers.
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Problem: How can I make my classroom less teacher centered and allow for students to learn and explore history more independently?
Abstract: Use screencasts and a class website to create a flipped classroom where instruction of content is completed outside of the classroom and class time is used for more engaging activities and skill building.
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Problem: You're using the iLearn platform for most of your content, but you still love Google forms for student surveys or quick questions. What to do?
Abstract: Embed Google forms straight into your posts using embed code and the "Insert Stuff" tag.
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Author: Mike Wolking from iLearnNYC
Problem: When hosting a professional development day, I wanted to be able to have a maximum number of participants for each of the sessions and I wanted our Google Form to update automatically so that participants could only sign-up for sessions in which there was still space remaining.
Abstract: Using Andrew Stillman's FormRanger script, in the field that feeds the script's multiple choice options, I wrote the following formula =if(countif('Form Responses'!C:C;"Session 1a")<25; "Session 1a"; "") This formula counts the number of participants that have signed up for Session 1a and allows "Session 1a" to appear as an option as long as there are less than 25 participants. Once the max is reached, the field is left blank ("") and participants must choose another session.
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