Google Apps for EDU

Problem: There's a place in setting up Google Apps for Education where I'm asked to verify domain do I do that?
Abstract: Setting up Google Apps services is pretty straightforward if you are willing to learn and invest an hour or so. This video helps explain one potentially sticky step in the setup process.
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Problem: How do get email to work Google Apps for EDU?
Abstract: This video focuses on the just the nitty gritty of getting your domain's DNS settings correct to change the routing of email to Google's mailservers.
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Problem: The default URLs for Google Apps services are hard to remember. How do I use CNAME records to make kid-friendly URLs like "" instead?
Abstract: With a few simple steps, you can change the DNS records for your domain to make life easier for your users!
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Problem: How do we provide teachers, parents, students, and alumni different Google account privileges (e.g. different levels of access to services)?
Abstract: Organizational units provide the foundation for managing your domain in this manner.
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Problem: When most online gradebooks are due-date dependent, it is difficult to track and help kids understand their progress and feel motivated to take next steps in a gains-based or outcomes-based grading system.
Abstract: We tried a lesson-by-lesson, pre-learning diagnostic and question bank tool to determine mastery and assign self-teaching tasks or cluster group mini-lessons, with practice-set generating question bank and Google Spreadsheet as visualization tool.
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Problem: Many schools are rife with inefficient operational processes, poor internal communications systems, and relative data-blindness. These persistent issues prevent many otherwise talented teams from truly taking flight. How can school-level staff create clean, cheap, and easy-to-use data capture, reporting, and operations systems that are flexible enough to evolve with the dynamic needs of an innovative school?
Abstract: This introductory module provides what you need to start building the modular and lightweight data system of your dreams. The first installment is a "Lateness Zapper" that automates logging, communications, and reporting on student lateness.
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Problem: Visualizations of student progress are notoriously poor in many online learning platforms. How do you provide students and parents with real-time, online progress charts if you are using Google spreadsheets to calculate your grades?
Abstract: This hack shows how to install a Google Apps Script in your Google Site to look up the grades of the currently logged-in student or parent and generate a live bar of progress from your Google spreadsheet!
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Problem: How do you give students, teachers, and parents a private view of live, individualized reports without locking into a rigid, expensive commercial portal?
Abstract: The Reportlet Script, written in Google Apps Script, serves up easily-templated tabular reports that can include custom data, images, and charts keyed to the logged in user. Power users get a dropdown to allow viewing of any report.
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Problem: How can you quickly automate targeted emails and calendar appointments to loop in the right people around regular occurrances like behavior incidents, absences at attendance at after-school tutoring, etc.?
Abstract: The formMule (aka "The Mule") is a Google Apps script that is useful for automating lookups, emails and calendar events created dynamically from Google Forms.
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Problem: There isn't a shortage of assessment & gradebook tools/platforms these days & too often the enterprise systems are complex and too intimidating for teachers to adopt on their own (they also cost money!).
Abstract: This is an attempt to create a simple tool that a team of teachers could use to track indicator-level data on shared assessments. It's low-stakes, hopefully approachable and can be customized to fit the team's needs.
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