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Problem: Learning from our own experiences of learning in social networks, how can we find ways to have students do similar connected, networked inquiry projects into questions that they are passionate about? How can we use Youth Voices to connect students with each other and with experts as they explore their own questions using a variety of digital media? How can we help them comment to each other in ways that build their dialogues in authentic and academically challenging ways.
Abstract: Students are encouraged to explore their own passions, and develop their own areas of interest. This keeps student in the middle of their own inquiries. We also nurture &guide students in how to comment for each other to build authentic conversation.
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Problem: Hudson HSLT community members wanted a space to communicate, have learning activities posted, and have their outcomes posted. Many approached Hudson with Learning Management Systems, but did not step back to ask if we are just digitalizing old imposed traditions? Are we reinforcing the notion of learner as passive receiver?
Abstract: At Hudson, students & teachers created Google Sites, digital portfolios, & Student Activity Guides to personalize learning pathways, for transparency, give students expectations, & purpose for activities. Further, learners need to drive learning.
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