Problem: How do you actually use Smoothdraw and Camtasia, with a Wacom Bamboo tablet and stylus, to produce screencasts?
Abstract: I show how to set up the work area, perform screencapture, do basic edits, and produce your video for upload.
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Problem: To provide a platform for differentiated, self-driven learning with immediate feedback, which will complement the in-class component of the AP Calculus course at ACTvF.
Abstract: Using Camtasia screencasts, Google Forms with the Flubaroo script, and discussion groups, students will be able to get quick feedback, continue discussions outside of class, as review/learn at their own pace.
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Problem: The most difficult science topics I teach are those that happen on a very large or small scale or very fast or slow rate, or that are too dangerous or difficult to investigate in my classroom. Weather is a great example. We make barometers, anemometers, & other weather instruments, and use them and store-bought equipment to measure atmospheric conditions. But these aren't the most precise instruments, and a few weeks' of weather data won't always reveal much about weather as a system.
Abstract: Why not create a game to mash-up classroom & computer, allowing students to explore weather systems using real data, hands-on experiments, & simulations, within an exciting narrative context? Welcome to the Global Weather Protection Agency...
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