Problem: There isn't a shortage of assessment & gradebook tools/platforms these days & too often the enterprise systems are complex and too intimidating for teachers to adopt on their own (they also cost money!).
Abstract: This is an attempt to create a simple tool that a team of teachers could use to track indicator-level data on shared assessments. It's low-stakes, hopefully approachable and can be customized to fit the team's needs.
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Problem: How do you give students, teachers, and parents a private view of live, individualized reports without locking into a rigid, expensive commercial portal?
Abstract: The Reportlet Script, written in Google Apps Script, serves up easily-templated tabular reports that can include custom data, images, and charts keyed to the logged in user. Power users get a dropdown to allow viewing of any report.
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Problem: Goal: A paperless classroom. Problem: How to keep easily accessible records of student work. There has been a lack of solutions to handle small, daily assignments like "do nows" or warmups. Google forms are excellent for collecting short responses, but they have their limitations: Either students are unable to see their own responses, or every student's response is available for public viewing. Additionally, how can teachers effectively give feedback on these sorts of electronic submissions?
Abstract: A Google apps script that copies each student's Google form response to their own spreadsheet. Teachers can enter comments next to the student's response and have those comments pushed to the student's spreadsheet to give feedback.
Recommended by 11 educator(s)
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