Problem: How do you scaffold the development of the basic skills required for online discussions that drive learning?
Abstract: I describe my use of "Groups" in Ning platform to develop student skill and familiarity both with the platform and with the norms of online discussion, prior to their engagement with students from across the country.
Recommended by 10 educator(s)
Problem: How do you enable synchronous online discussion between students across time zones?
Abstract: I describe how, by using the "Groups" feature of Ning, my class in the Bronx was able to engage in online discussion with classrooms throughout the central time zone.
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Problem: What activities and classroom structures can you use to ensure that online discussion translates into learning?
Abstract: I describe the use of organizers and closing prompts to help clarify and assess learning outcomes from participation in online discussions.
Recommended by 8 educator(s)
Problem: How can you utilize relationships with a teaching university to strengthen your online curriculum and practice?
Abstract: I describe how the "Just War" collaboration involves a number of teachers and a professor at the teaching university I attended, and how our work together has led to numerous opportunities to publish and present around the topic of tech integration.
Recommended by 11 educator(s)
Problem: What are the basic steps to set up a white-label social network platform like Ning to organize a learning community that includes classrooms from other schools?
Abstract: I explain how we went about setting up the "Just War" Ning and basic steps that allowed the different teachers to stay organized for collaboration.
Recommended by 13 educator(s)
Problem: What rigorous, Common Core standards-based teaching opportunities are afforded by a walled, social networking platform like Ning?
Abstract: I discuss the reasons the "Just War" project (a collaborative of multiple teachers across the country plus a professor of education) decided to use a whitelabel social networking platform to approach standards mastery of social studies with urban stu
Recommended by 11 educator(s)
Problem: Creatively integrating technology into learning experiences to engage and motivate students and how it can be pushed to the next level.
Abstract: Design and implement a new discussion platform that incorporates other forms of media (video, images, chat) into the discussion thread.
Recommended by 17 educator(s)
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