Problem: What are some key strategies for success in using an online content provider as a credit recovery option for students?
Abstract: I describe three key elements to successful implementation of APEX as a credit recovery option for students: 1) Having highly accessible and hands on approach to holding students accountable. 2) Setting up self-reporting feedback structures using A
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Problem: How can two schools with different demographics use videoconferencing to enrich diversity and leverage peer motivation between cohorts of AP students? What are some tricks for making it work?
Abstract: I describe the rationale and some effective methods for a unique collaboration between EBA and the iSchool, where we ran several AP classes using a shared teacher, online collaboration and learning tools, and videoconferencing technology.
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Problem: How can an online learning platform effectively lengthen the academic school day for students pursuing credit recovery?
Abstract: I describe how students taking APEX courses for credit recovery are engaging with the content alongside their online routine after school and in the evenings.
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