About YouPD

Hello. We invite you to inspire and be inspired.  YouPD is an educator, peer-led professional development community.

Join us in the quest for what works.  On this site, you can see the ways fellow teachers are solving problems, leave a comment, recommend an idea, share inventive things you’ve done, and take on meaningful professional learning challenges.  We want to visualize and applaud how teachers can help each other develop as Learners, Sharers, Collaborators, and Influencers.  Watch your credibility amongst your peers grow while helping to build this shared professional resource.




What is a "Hack"? 

A hack is a creative solution to a problem that is shared for others to try.   The path to masterful teaching is beset with problems of practice, and we believe master teachers are avid, creative problem solvers, e.g. hackers.  YouPD is about making our problems and solutions explicit to one another in the name of accelerating and deepening our professional learning. Whether it's a tool integration, a tip, a move, or an instructional method, it's a hack and other professionals deserve to learn from it!


What is a "Challenge"?

YouPD Challenges are voluntary professional learning experiences designed to stimulate focus, learning, and collaboration around a promising tool, technique, or problem of practice.  The completion of a challenge is an accomplishment that adds to your professional status, signified by expertise badges.  We welcome all users and organizations to propose challenges; we’ll work to identify and develop those most useful to the community.


What is "Cred"?


At YouPD your "cred" stems from concrete actions you take on the site to benefit your own growth and the learning of others, as well as on the measurable influence your work earns with other professionals.  You can earn Learn, Share, Influence, and Collaborate points when you take actions.